Waveshare is a manufacturer of development kits and universal modules. The company offer includes products dedicated for education and for prototyping. Apart from standard Arduino-compliant modules, Waveshare also offers its own development boards for the following chip families: STM32, STM8, LPC, AVR, PIC, and C8051F.

Furthermore, the company enhances its offerings of development kits for programmable chips, such as e.g. ALTERA or XILINX. Besides FPGA main modules, the offer covers also base boards that allow quick chip enhancement with additional peripherals.

The offering of development kits for microcontrollers and programmable chips is complemented by universal sensor modules, e.g. distance sensors, colour sensors, position sensors, as well as by simple cameras. Waveshare also prepared extensions with e.g. diodes, keypads, motors, transducers, or RTC clocks. The majority of available kits can be equipped with additional communication modules, e.g. Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, RF, or GSM.

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