DC Voltage miniature panel meters

DC Voltage miniature panel meters, PAN.DVM210, PAN.DVM310 |EN|
Meter typepanel DC voltage meter
Featuresautomatic polarization selection
MeasurementDC voltage
DC voltage measuring range0...199,9mV
DC voltage measuring accuracy±(0,1% + 1 digit)
Supply current2 mA
Internal resistance100
Power supply9VDC
Symbol Type of display used Dimensions Mounting hole diameter
[mm] [mm]
PAN.DVM210 LCD 3,5 digit 10mm 24 x 48 x 15 45 x 22
PAN.DVM310 LCD 3,5 digit 14mm, with a backlit 36 x 72 x 15 69 x 33
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