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Chauvin Arnoux was founded in France in 1893 by Raphael Chauvin and Rene Arnoux. Since the beginning of its activity it has been designing and manufacturing measuring instruments. Over time, the company has transformed into an international company with offices in the USA, Italy, China, UK, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Spain, Lebanon and Switzerland. Chauvin Arnoux boasts five research and development laboratories that develop innovative high quality products. Production policy is still based on three plants located in France, which guarantees the high quality of manufactured products. The American and Chinese factories produce products exclusively for local markets.
In 1997, Chauvin Arnoux acquired Metrix, manufacturing multimeters, oscilloscopes and generators for industry, laboratories and schools.

The company's offer includes clamp meters, electrical testers, insulation resistance testers, leakage current meters, multimeters, micro-meters, phase sequence testers, energy quality analyzers, clamp analyzers, thermometers, manometers, lux meters, sound meters, tachometers.

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