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Sirio Antenne is an Italian company whose history reaches the 1970s. The company was established by Giuseppe Grazioli. Sirio Antenne specialises in antennas and accessories for VHF, UHF, TETRA, mobile systems (LTE, UMTS, GSM), WLAN and Wi-Fi. Its products are characterised by high quality and reliability. Over the years, Sirio Antenne has gained trust of customers all over the world.

Sirio’s flagship models: Micro, Mini-Snake and Omega with the impedance of 50Ω. These antennas operate at the frequency of 27-27,5MHz and 27-28,5MHz. They are also fitted with RG58 connection cables (3 to 4 m long). Mast lengths are from 0.52 m to 0.95 m. Thanks to that, they work flawlessly in all conditions, effectively eliminating external interference. Sirio antennas offered by TME use the UHF connector and can be easily mounted with the use of a magnet. Omega and Mini-Snake series are additionally equipped with a wing screw to secure the antenna in place. All models have vertical polarisation. Depending on the antenna type, they can be mounted on the car body, trunk or roof rail.

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