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Linecard - Manex

MANEX is a Polish manufacturer founded in 1987. From the very beginning, the company has been seated in Cracow, and its manufacturing plant is located in Jaworzno. In 1997, MANEX also opened the Copper Processing Plant and Machinery Production Plant in Skawina. The company started from manufacturing cables for the construction industry. Currently, MANEX’s Cable Production Plant manufactures over 300 typo-dimensions of cables and wires, in a broad selection of colours and sheaths from such materials as: PVC, PE, PP, TPE, as well as halogen-free.

Over 70% of company production comprises cables for automotive and railway industries. MANEX manufactures a wide selection of installation and power cables for construction and electrical machinery industries, cables used in telecommunications and IT, as well as cables for home appliances.

The company is involved in various technological and investment projects, and its products gained recognition among customers.

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