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1000 series Agilent oscilloscopes now available with an 8% discount!


1000 series Agilent oscilloscopes now available with an 8% discount!

TME’s offer has been enriched with 2 and 4 channel digital oscilloscopes with the band from 50MHz to 200MHz, offering the possibility of automatic measurement of 23 parameters. Each oscilloscope offers the possibility of recording wavelengths on the external hard disc and using digital filter in order to remove unnecessary frequencies from the screen. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to disable menu, which increases the surface of edited waveform by 25%.

1000A series 2 and 4-channel oscilloscopes are characterized with sampling time of 2Gsps and memory record length of 20kpts.

1000B series 2-channel oscilloscopes are characterized with the sampling time of 1Gsps and memory record length of 16kpts. Additionally, oscilloscopes offer the mask function (possibility of overriding model waveform with the actual waveform).

All oscilloscopes are additionally equipped with passive probes 10:1 (2 or 4 – depending on the model), supply cord and manual on a CD. Free software can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s Website.

This week, we offer an exceptional opportunity to purchase Agilent oscilloscopes with an 8% discount.

Symbol Channels No. Band
DSO1002A 2 ≤60MHz
DSO1012A 2 ≤100MHz
DSO1022A 2 ≤200MHz
DSO1004A 4 ≤60MHz
DSO1014A 4 ≤100MHz
DSO1024A 4 ≤200MHz
DSO1052B 2 ≤50MHz
DSO1072B 2 ≤70MHz
DSO1102B 2 ≤100MHz
DSO1152B 2 ≤150MHz

Promotion is valid from January 21, 2012 through January 27.01.2013.

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