VLSI – integrated circuit audio coders in TME offer

VLSI – integrated circuit audio coders in TME offer
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New integrated circuit audio coders are a flagship product of VLSI company. Coders are expanded and improved version of popular VS1053 circuits, enriched with additional functions, but with the same body and terminals, thanks to which it is not necessary to re-design PCB in case of concept change – it is enough to insert the VS1063.
A key advantage of this system is possibility of streaking, which allows audio transmission via network (e.g. internet radio).
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Basic features of the circuit:

  • streaming
  • 96 kB RAM to be used in a program or for various data
  • unique circuit number to protect the program
  • high quality A/C stereo converters
  • internal controller allowing autonomous operation
  • low – power mode
  • embedded DAC converter
  • discrete supply of analogue, digital and I/O part – no interferences
  • compatibility Pin-to-Pin with the VS1053B-L circuit


Symbol Description
VS1063A-L Audio Codec MP3/AAC/WMA/FLAC/MIDI/Ogg Vorbis/G.711/G.722

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