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LeCroy HDO 4000 series 12 bit oscilloscopes

LeCroy HDO 4000 series 12 bit oscilloscopes

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New HDO-4000 series oscilloscopes manufactured in high resolution technology, are characterized with 16 times higher horizontal resolution in comparison to other oscilloscopes made in the standard 8-bit technology. New 12 bit technology allows very precise waveform reproduction with very low noise levels which, on the other hand, enables measurements of signals with high accuracy that is not available to standards oscilloscopes.
The offer includes 2 and 4 channel models operating in the following bands: 200MHz, 350MHz, 1GHz and the memory of up to 25Mpts/Ch.

Additional functions allowing versatile signal analysis include:
- WaveScan the function allowing searching the waveform and detecting errors with the use of over 20 different parameters
- HistoryMode the function of reproducing waveform and rewinding the waveform in order to isolate anomalies and identify the source of a problem.
- LabNotebook the function of creating documents and generating reports of all works without the necessity of independent recording various files.
- SpektrumAnalyzer the function allowing signal spectroanalysis (an option)
- PowerAnalysis software for the analysis of power losses (an option)
- Serial Trigger and Decode the function used to decode signals of serial buses

TME symbol: Description
LC-HDO4104 Oscilloscope: digital, band of 1GHz, 4 channels;12,5Mpts/ch
LC-HDO4054 Oscilloscope: digital, band of 500MHz, 4 channels; 12,5Mpts/ch
LC-HDO4034 Oscilloscope: digital, band of 350MHz, 4 channels; 12,5Mpts/ch
LC-HDO4032 Oscilloscope: digital, band of 350MHz, 2 channels; 12,5Mpts/ch
LC-HDO4024 Oscilloscope: digital, band of 200MHz, 4 channels; 12,5Mpts/ch
LC-HDO4022 Oscilloscope: digital, band of 200MHz, 2 channels;12,5Mpts/ch


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