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New limit switches, safety cut-out switches and foot operated switches

New limit switches, safety cut-out switches and foot operated switches

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TME has enriched its offer with the fresh Pizzato-Elettrica proposition: popular limit switches series FR5 and cut-out switches series FR6 with different keys.
The offer has been also enriched with basic foot operated switches series PX.

Newly introduced products are the popular and proven versions of limit switches with wide range of actuators - from the model without ending to the roller, lever, actuator and spring models. FR698 safety cut-out switches are available with the full range of keys: flexible, long and right-angled. In the offer you can also find basic models of covered foot switches.

FR501 Limit switch with actuator 8mm NO+NC 10A 250V
FR502 Limit switch with roller NO+NC 10A 250VAC
FR505 Limit switch with roller externally rubber sealed
FR515 Limit switch with button and roller PVC 1NO+1NC
FR520 Limit switch with spring in rubber housing
FR521 Limit switch with spring NO+NC 10A/250V
FR525 Limit switch with spring in external rubber seal
FR531 Limit switch with lever NO+NC, 10A 250VAC
FR538 Limit switch without lever NO+NC, 6A 250VAC
FR551 Limit switch with lever and roller 1NO+1NC 10A/250V
FR555 Limit switch, adjustable lever and roller NO+NC
PA20100 Foot switch without protection NO+NC IP53
PX10110 Foot switch with metal protection safety lever NO+NC


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