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New Parking already available!

In relation to various change suggestions from our Customers, we decided to reorganize Parking at

We hope that new functionalities will help you better manage folders and will make use of the Parking much easier and more intuitive.

To facilitate navigation, we have introduced the option of sorting folders by a creation or modification date. You can also easily search a specific folder by entering its name in the search window.

Apart from that, the new Parking enables the following functions:

  • Checking product prices and warehouse levels
  • Checking the value of products in individual folders
  • Checking delivery times
  • Transferring and copying products among respective folders
  • Connecting folders
  • Making folders available to other people without the necessity of logging in at the Website
  • Limiting access to folders for other co-workers.
  • Export of products (with prices or without them) to the csv file
  • The use of prepared sales offer.

If you wish to find out about details of the new Parking, we invite you to use the Help option.


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