GF series Samwha capacitor with the capacity of 3300uF

GF series Samwha capacitor with the capacity of 3300uF

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The TME’s range of products has been enriched by GF series SAMWHA electrolytic capacitor. GF2H338M76140SBcapacitor with the capacity of 3300uF is characterized with a long time of faultless operation up to 5 000 of working hours, and high operation voltage of up to 500VDC. The capacitor is made in a cylindrical enclosure, with screw outlets of 76,2x130 [mm]. Assembly to the enclosure is ensured by a steel connection clip attached to a capacitor as a kit.


  • screw connections assembly,
  • installation clip,
  • high reliability, guaranteed life of 5 000h at 85ºC,
  • compliant to RoHS directive


  • industrial converters and power supplies,
  • UPS power supplies.


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