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MIKROE-1397 development kit (micromedia+ for STM32 ARM)

MIKROE-1397 development kit (micromedia+ for STM32 ARM)

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TME offer includes a compact development kit on a single PCB board with 4,3” TFT display equipped with touch panel. The kit includes multiple peripheral circuits with the STM32F407ZG microcontroller (the ARM Cortex-M4 family).

Features of the kit include:

  • Possibility to supply by means of USB connection, Lithium-polymer battery or by means of another source (2,5-12VDC).
  • STM32F407ZG microcontroller
  • Programming with the use of embedded bootloader or by means of external programmer
  • Coin batteries socket to maintain the RTC circuit of the microcontroller
  • Reset button
  • Crystal oscillators 25MHz (for microcontroller’s timing) and 32,768kHz for the RTC circuit
  • Precise source of rated voltage of 2,048V
  • MicroSD memory cards slot
  • Colourful TFT display 4,3” 480x272 with resistance touch panel
  • VS1053 stereo codec, 3,5mm audio jack
  • USB OTG Mini-B slot
  • ADXL345 acceleration sensor (3-axial with I2C interface)
  • Serial Flash 8Mbit (SPI) memory
  • Transceiver 2.4 GHz (SPI) with ceramic antenna max. data transmission 2 Mbps
  • Ethernet transceiver
  • Buzzer, PIN photodiode, IR receiver, LED RGB, temperature sensor
  • Microcontroller’s lines prepared for pin connectors

    The kit includes prototype board, 2GB microSD memory card with an adapter, USB cable, software on DVD, user’s manual and a diagram.

Symbol Description
MIKROE-1397 Development kit: ARM ST; STM32F407ZGT6; IrDA, JTAG, USB


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