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Kit: general purpose; Pcs: 85; Package: case

Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o. is an importer of products of this brand
TME Symbol: GT-900B
Manufacturer part number: GTK-900B
Manufacturer: GOLDTOOL
Catalogue description: details
Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o. is an importer of products of this brand
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Additional information
Technical Information
general purpose
  • 3 two-sided tools for correcting solder connections
  • 5 needle files, active length 80mm, with plastic pads on handles
  • adjustable spanner, length 160 mm, span max 20 mm
  • phial with solder Ø1mm
  • soldering iron 30 W, 230 V
  • inspection mirror Ø30mm with telescopic arm 125-450mm
  • torch made of anodized aluminium, supplied with 2x1.5V- R6 battery
  • wire stripper for 0.75 - 6mm2 conductors and crimp tool for 1.5;2.5;6mm2 insulated push-on connectors
  • universal cutters, length 130 mm
  • desoldering pump
  • universal reinforced design knife with break-off blades
  • solder iron base with sponge
  • stainless steel, non-magnetic tweezers, sharp tip
  • plastic box, outside dimensions 193 x 130 x 28 mm with 11 partitions for small parts e.g. cable terminals
  • universal straight pliers, length 130 mm
  • soft brush, round Ø17mm
  • voltage tester
  • flat pliers, length 130 mm
  • PVC insulating tape 19mm/10m
  • cutters, length 115 mm
  • tape measure, length 3m, in additional case
  • universal, curved pliers, length 130 mm
  • Phillips crosspoint screwdriver PH000x20
  • Phillips crosspoint screwdriver PH00x20
  • Phillips crosspoint screwdriver PH0x20
  • universal bench vice made of aluminium alloy, jaws width 60 mm
  • Phillips crosspoint screwdriver PH1x100
  • Phillips crosspoint screwdriver PH2x150
  • Phillips crosspoint screwdrivers PH2x100
  • slot screwdriver 5x100 mm
  • Phillips crosspoint screwdriver PH3x150
  • slot screwdriver 6x150 mm
  • slot precision screwdriver 1.4x20 mm
  • slot precision screwdriver 1.8x20 mm
  • slot screwdriver 6x100 mm
  • slot precision screwdriver 2.4x20 mm
  • screwdriver - trimmer 0.5x2.2 mm, blade length 150 mm
  • slot screwdriver 8x150 mm
  • cordless driil/driver 3,6V with charger 230V AC and accessories GT-312B
  • a system of movable partitions, 62mm high, inside the case
  • two removable pallets with holders for tool fastening
  • reinforced with aluminium alloy profiles
  • two key locks
  • Gross weight: 7350 g
  • Manufacturer part number: GTK-900B

GOLDTOOL toolsets in cases

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