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Customer’s symbol panel

In this panel you can find the list of products symbols entered by you, available at TME.

Customer’s own symbols can be vested instantly, during the ordering process. You should enter them in the frame that appears during entering the quantity while ordering a given product.

Individual symbols can be also taken from the file. Acceptable files formats are: txt, xls (conformable with Excel 97/2000/XP) and csv.

Each symbols pair (TME symbol, customer’s symbol) must be in a separate line. TME symbol must be separated from a customer’s symbol by one of the following characters: tabulator, blank space, comma, and semicolon.

You should remember that to one TME symbol you can only assign one customer’s symbol. Subsequent attempt in adding a new symbol to the same product will result in the change of previously entered data. Also, it is not possible to assign identical symbols to different products.

If you want to find a given symbol in the list, enter the desired character string to the browser situated above the list.

Symbols can be freely edited and deleted, when needed.

After having entered your symbols to the system, you can use them while searching for products in the catalogue.

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