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The TME search engine enables the search of a wanted product by using such symbols:

  • TME's symbol e.g. MX-6410-03A,
  • Manufacturer’s symbol e.g. 22-27-2031 (MOLEX symbol),
  • a name or a product’s description (key words) e.g.: socket for PCB,
  • parameters e.g.: 3pin KK2.54,
  • a substitute e.g.: (a symbol of another provider),

All these descriptions can be put in any configuration, e.g.:

  • 3pin socket kk2.54,
  • MX-6410-03A 3pin socket,
  • KK2.54 3pin 22-27-2031.

In order to facilitate the search of products in TME base, we have added to out search engine the "PlusMinus" function. It allows adding or excluding some words from the search results.

In the search engine window you can just put some words without operators and get the wanted results. You can also add a plus/minus sign (+)/(-) to precise the search.

A plus sign (+), put directly before the word, means that this word must be included in the search results.

+1N +4007 - it finds all 1N diodes and among them it shows only these with 4007 1N 4007 symbol,
1N 4007 - it is tantamount to the above mentioned.

Similarly you can enter searched word description, e.g.:
+diode +led +red (diode led red) and within the search results you will receive all red LEDs.

A minus sign (-), put directly before the word, means that any product including this word is excluded from the search results.

+1N -4007 - it finds all 1N diodes except for 4007 diodes,
+1N -4007 -4002 - it finds all 1N diodes except for 4007 and 4002 diodes.

Similarly you can write searched word description, e.g.:
+diode +led -red aand within the search results you will receive LEDs except for red ones.

You can experiment adding and taking away words in your inquiry and manipulate the plus/minus signs gradually narrowing the search range/scope and achieving the results in accordance with your requirements.

Additionally, thanks to the "PlusMinus" function it is easier to find products which symbols include numerous signs such as: a dash, a slash, a dot, a long dash, an asterisk, underline. Searching for a resistor SMD1206 1K1 (RESISTOR 5% 1206 SMD 1K1) it is enough to put a piece of the symbol, e.g. 1.1k, in order to get the searched product among the search results.

We will be grateful for any suggestions and comments concerning the search engine, its new function, as well as for any propositions how to streamline the on-line service. You can send them to:


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