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Linecard - HARTING

HARTING is a family business whose activity started in 1945. For the following decades the company built a strong brand and its prestige has been strengthened each day by active participation of the management in philanthropic activities as well as membership in organizations and committees gathering business specialists.

The basic areas of their business activity include the following:

  • communication and networks,
  • microengineering,
  • enclosures and shop systems,
  • machine tools and technologies including automotive solutions.

HARTING is a leading manufacturer of industrial connection systems, and the fact that the company is innovative can be proved by implementation of their own connection technology: Fast Track Switching.

A rich offer of HARTING includes:

  • Han® plug-in connectors
  • TCA connectors
  • metric connectors
  • Mini Coax coaxial connectors
  • interface connectors
  • DIN 41 612 connectors
  • DeviceCon®
  • fibre optic elements
  • cables and cable connections
  • tools and equipment for cables and PCB assembly

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Selecting the appropriate Ethernet patchcord

Selecting the appropriate Ethernet patchcord

Patch cord is an English name for crossover cables, i.e. cables that end with an RJ45 jack on both sides, which are used for signal transmission in the ICT industry.

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