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Linecard - IGUS

The company igus® is a leading manufacturer of cables guides, cables for moving applications, polymer slide bearings, linear guide systems and articulated polymer bearings.

Thanks to 40 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic components, innovation and constant development of the company, igus® provides the best and most practical and economical solutions for all industries. The extensive experience allows igus® to provide products that meet customer needs, as well as allowing to create new applications from plastics.

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Optimal choice of cables for power chains

Optimal choice of cables for power chains

To those who do not deal with industry on a daily basis it may seem like cables are only fixed, and the greatest hazard for them are conditions in the facility. However, it is true only to a certain extent, as many sites utilize power chains, i.e. devices that move cables along the designated track.

Linear guides from IGUS

igus® power chain guide