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SparkFun Electronics Inc. is one of the most popular manufacturers of universal electronic modules. The company helps to create prototypes based on the latest solutions. Thanks to vast diversity of products accompanied by comprehensive documentation, the company attracts electronics enthusiasts from all over the world. SparkFun Electronics Inc. has been founded in 2003.

In TME's offer you can find a number of their sensor modules, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, position sensors, and weather sensors. All sensors are provided in the characteristic form of red modules with signal pins of a standard pitch.

Thanks to its cooperation with other manufacturers, SparkFun Electronics Inc. provides solutions compatible with the most popular platforms, such as: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Intel Edison. The company's offer spans many products dedicated to beginners in the electronics and programming fields.

The SparkFun Electronics Inc. assortment is accompanied by mechanical elements. From basic DC motors with gears, to servos, to stepper motors. The company also offers compatible accessories, such as gearwheels, mounts, and suspensions.

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