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Linecard - TESTO

Testo INC. was founded in 1957 in Lenzkirch, in the Schwarzwald region of Germany. From the very beginning of its operations, Testo focuses on designing, developing, and manufacturing of mobile and fixed measuring devices. The first product the company offered was a simple electronic thermometer.

Currently, Testo owns 30 subsidiaries and over 60 branches throughout the world. The company is regarded one of the leading supplier of devices for ventilation system control, air quality monitors, as well as mobile combustion efficiency analysers. The company’s offer includes a wide selection of thermometers, anemometers, moisture meters, gas analysers, pressure meters, water quality analysers, as well as tachometers, sound meters, luxmeters, and infrared cameras.

Testo continually searches for innovative measurement solutions by investing 10% of their annual income in research and development.

Products from Testo are mainly intended for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, construction, maintenance, and HVAC industries.

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