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Linecard - YAGEO

Yageo belongs to a leading group of world manufacturers of passive elements. In 1994, Yageo extended its influence over Southeast Asian market. Since 1996, Yageo has owned the following manufacturers:

  • Teapo – the biggest Taiwan manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors
  • Chilisin – the biggest Taiwan manufacturer of inductive elements.

Since then, Yageo has become one of the three manufacturers in the world providing three main types of passive elements i.e.: resistors, capacitors and inductive elements. In 1996 the manufacturer strengthened its position in the European market by acquiring Vitrohm, a German manufacturer of resistors. In 2000, Yageo took over two branches of passive elements from Philips Electronics NV. They now constitute a part of Yageo and are registered under the names of Phycomp and Ferroxcube. In 2005, Yageo acquired the majority of shares in Compostar company - the third biggest Taiwan manufacturer of MLCC capacitors.

Presently, Yageo has the biggest production of SMD resistors amounting up to 24,5 billion pieces a month, which constitutes almost 1/3 of the total world market. In the manufacturing of MLCC capacitors, Yage**o** ranks third in the world, together with TDK (14,5 billion pieces a month), behind Murata and Taiyo Yuden. Manufacturing ferrite elements reaches the value of up to 13 000 tons annually and places Yageo on the second place, right after TDK.

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