WIZnet is a Korean fabless supplier specializing in solutions designed for Internet communication, and especially for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The history of WIZnet began in 2001 with hardware implementation of the TCP/IP protocol in a microprocessor die. Thanks to that, the design engineers acquired an easy-to-use tool that enabled them to use the Internet despite not having extensive knowledge on the TCP/IP protocol.

WIZnet‘s offer includes:

  • W7xxx (IOP – Internet Offload Processor) family microcontrollers, with 8051 or Cortex-M0 core, TCP/IP, MAC, and physical layer, 32kB transmission buffer, and support of up to 8 simultaneous connections;
  • W3xxx/W5xxx family chips for Ethernet, designed to be used in microcontroller systems communicating via SPI or 8/16bit data bus. They feature the TCP/IP protocol, MAC address, and a physical layer, which lets them use 4 to 8 connections of 15 to 80Mbps;
  • network modules and WEB servers;
  • Wi-Fi modules;
  • OSHW (Open Source Hardware) modules.

Additionally, the company also offers development and evaluation tools.

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