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New Axiomet programmable electronic loads


New Axiomet programmable electronic loads


AXIOMET programmable electronic loads are widely applied in the aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, solar batteries, fuel cells, and other industries. This offer has recently been extended with three new models: AX-EL150W30A, AX-EL300W60A, AX-EL600W120A, which provide a wide range of power and operating currents.

The AX-EL series includes high-performance programmable electronic direct current loads. The devices feature four basic operating modes (CC, CV, CR, CP) and nine additional modes (CCL, CCH, CVL, CVH, CRL, CRM, CRH, CPV, CPC), covering the full spectrum of power source tests. Overcurrent, overload, temperature, reverse polarity protections and smart cooling control guarantee high test safety and full reliability of operation.

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The "List mode" function allows you to set a step between 10ms and 99999s, so that the user can define any number of repetition cycles and conduct time-consuming tests fully automatically.

Large, backlit display with a knob and keyboard guarantees quick and precise adjustment of settings. The loads are equipped with an RS-232 interface for a PC connection. You can control the device with the use of SCPI commands or the Labview programming platform.

Operating current: from 0.001A to 120A
Operating voltage: up to 150V
Power supply voltage: from 110VAC to 220VAC
Interface: RS232
Weight: from 5.2kg to 9kg

Symbol: Description:
AX-EL150W30A Device: electronic load; 0÷150V; 0.001÷30A; 5.2kg
AX-EL300W60A Device: electronic load; 0÷150V; 0.001÷60A; 6.7kg
AX-EL600W120A Device: electronic load; 0÷150V; 0.001÷120A; 9kg