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KEMET suppression capacitors


Some systems have a high sensitivity to interference. What is more, in case of damage, it is hard to predict how this will affect their operation. X/Y capacitors solve both problems. Such capacitors not only filter interference, but also are destroyed in a specific way. These features help to protect the system against interference and strong pulses.


KEMET X/Y SMT capacitors

For years, X/Y capacitors have been available on the market in THT mounting version. Unfortunately, such mounting type reduces the compression of the entire system, and complicates the design and assembly process of the board. Therefore, KEMET has designed X/Y capacitors in an enclosure for surface mount technology (SMT). Such solutions allow to construct low volume systems as well as reduce the production time. With KEMET components, any filtering systems can be entirely machine mounted, and boards do not require any additional drilling.

TME offer includes X1/Y2 and X2 filtering capacitors in 1808, 1812, and 2220 enclosures for 250VAC. These elements can operate in temperatures up to 125°C. C0G and X7R dielectric capacitors are available.

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Type of capacitor: ceramic
Operating voltage 250VAC
Capacitance from 10pF to 4,7nF
Operating temperature from -55°C to 125°C
Tolerance ±5% or ±10%

Symbol: Opis:
CAS17C100JAGGC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X2;10pF;250VAC;C0G;±5%;SMD;1808
CAS17C102KARFC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X1/Y2;1nF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;1808
CAS17C102KARGC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X2;1nF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;1808
CAS17C152KARGC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X2;1,5nF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;1808
CAS17C330JAGFC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X1/Y2;33pF;250VAC;C0G;±5%;SMD;1808
CAS17C681KARFC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X1/Y2;680pF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;1808
CAS17C681KARGC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X2;680pF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;1808
CAS18C102KARFC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X1/Y2;1nF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;1812
CAS18C472KARGC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X2;4,7nF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;1812
CAS21C472KARFC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X1/Y2;4,7nF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;2220
CAS26C102KARFC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X1/Y2;1nF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;2211
CAS26C220KAGFC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X1/Y2;22pF;250VAC;C0G;±10%;SMD;2211
CAS26C221KARFC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X1/Y2;220pF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;2211
CAS26C222KARFC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X1/Y2;2,2nF;250VAC;X7R;±10%;SMD;2211
CAS26C681KAGFC Kondensator:ceramiczny;X1/Y2;680pF;250VAC;C0G;±10%;SMD;2211


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