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DFRobot stepper motor for 3D printers and CNC milling machines


A leading Chinese manufacturer of modules, DFRobot, offers various types of products – including mechanical components and motors. DF-FIT0278 is a two-phase, hybrid stepper motor, designed for CNC milling machines and 3D printers. With a torque of 343mNm, it is also suitable for constructing a simple, small manipulator.

This product is equipped with a 4-pin JST connector and a 50cm cable.

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Step: 1.8°
Power supply voltage: 3.4V
Max. operating current: 1.7A
Torque: 343mNm
Drive shaft diameter: 5mm
Lifetime: 6000 hours
Cable length: 50cm
Weight: 270g
Dimensions: 42x42x40mm

Symbol Description
DF-FIT0278 Motor:stepper motor;3,4VDC;Shaft: D-shaped;max.343mNm;42x42x40mm