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G100 series inverters from LS Industrial Systems


TME’s offer now includes new G100 series inverters from a well-known producer LS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS. The G100 is a series of universal devices that are the optimal solution for many industries. These inverters feature an advanced, sensor-free vector control mode, and a highly flexible U/f control mode, which makes these inverters one of the most universal drives on the market. LS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS's huge advantage is the possibility of fast, side by side mounting on DIN rail, which together with fast parametrization significantly reduces the commissioning process.

Check out products from the G100 series

Symbol: Description:
LV0004G100-4EOFN Vector inverter;Max motor power:0,4kW;IN:5;
LV0008G100-4EOFN Vector inverter;Max motor power:0,75kW;IN:5;
LV0015G100-4EOFN Vector inverter;Max motor power:1,5kW;IN:5;
LV0022G100-4EOFN Vector inverter;Max motor power:2,2kW;IN:5;
LV0040G100-4EOFN Vector inverter;Max motor power:4kW;Mounting:DIN,for wall mounting
LV0055G100-4EOFN Vector inverter;Max motor power:5,5kW;IN:5;
LV0075G100-4EOFN Vector inverter;Max motor power:7,5kW;IN:5;


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