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COB LED tapes offered by Wisva


COB LED tapes offered by Wisva Optoelectronics allow to obtain a linear light source with almost invisible light spots. This kind of effect is achieved by placing a large number of luminous structures (320 or 528) per meter and covering them with an appropriate dispersing mass, similar to those used in COB diodes. This solution allows you to resign from additional diffusing screens.

These tapes also feature a bigger beam angle – up to 180°.

COB LED tapes offered by

Check out COB LED tapes offered by Wisva


Type of module: LED tape
LED version: COB
LED per meter amount: 320 or 528
Operating voltage: 12V or 24V
Mounting: SMD


Symbol Description
HH-40KI-528FNA-COB LED tape;white neutral;COB;12V;LED/m:528;10mm;IP20;10W/m
HH-50KI-528FNA-COB LED tape;white cold;COB;12V;LED/m:528;10mm;IP20;10W/m
HH-RDI-528FNA-COB LED tape;red;COB;12V;LED/m:528;10mm;IP20;10W/m
HH-40KI-528GNA-COB LED tape;white neutral;COB;24V;LED/m:528;10mm;IP20;10W/m
HH-RDI-528GNA-COB LED tape;red;COB;24V;LED/m:528;10mm;IP20;10W/m
HH-40KI-528FAA-COB LED tape;white neutral;COB;12V;LED/m:528;10mm;IP65;10W/m
HH-50KI-528FAA-COB LED tape;white cold;COB;12V;LED/m:528;10mm;IP65;10W/m
HH-40KI-528GAA-COB LED tape;white neutral;COB;24V;LED/m:528;10mm;IP65;10W/m
HH-40KG-320FNA-COB LED tape;white neutral;COB;12V;LED/m:320;8mm;IP20;8W/m
HH-50KG-320FNA-COB LED tape;white cold;COB;12V;LED/m:320;8mm;IP20;8W/m
HH-40KG-320GNA-COB LED tape;white neutral;COB;24V;LED/m:320;8mm;IP20;8W/m
HH-40KG-320FAA-COB LED tape;white neutral;COB;12V;LED/m:320;8mm;IP65;8W/m
HH-50KG-320FAA-COB LED tape;white cold;COB;12V;LED/m:320;8mm;IP65;8W/m
HH-40KG-320GAA-COB LED tape;white neutral;COB;24V;LED/m:320;8mm;IP65;8W/m


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