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HELUKAT® 600 series cables by Helukabel


HELUKAT® 600 series LAN cables are characterized by high durability and performance in transmitting network signals. They are a perfect solution for data transmission at Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Ethernet speeds. Thanks to their mechanical and structural properties, they are particularly suitable for routing in narrow cable ducts.

HELUKAT® 600 series cables HELUKAT® 600 series cables.

HELUKAT® 600 cables are S/FTP-double shielded cables. They feature a copper wire braid and each twisted pair of conductors is additionally shielded with Al-PET foil. These cables can be either solid or stranded, with categories 7 and 7e available. The FRNC insulation guarantees halogen-free operation, and thanks to double PVC insulation it is possible to install the HELUKAT® 600A cable even in harsh weather conditions. Cables by Helukabel are available in three colours: black, purple and grey, in two core dimensions – 23AWG or 26AWG. All cables are fire retardant.

Manufacturer: HELUKABEL
Type of cable: data transmission
Number of cores: 8
Operating temperature: -20...60°C


Discover the HELUKAT® 600 series cables

Symbol Description
HELUKAT600A-SSTP-S Cable; HELUKAT® 600A,S/FTP; 7; solid; Cu; 4x2x23AWG; PVC; black
HELUKAT600-SSTP-SF Cable; HELUKAT® 600,S/FTP; 7e; solid; Cu; 4x2x23AWG; FRNC; 100m
HELUKAT600-SSTP-FF Cable; HELUKAT® 600,S/FTP; 7; stranded; Cu; 4x2x26AWG; FRNC; grey


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