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PGM12 series photoresistors by TOKEN


Light-sensitive components whose resistance changes (decreases) with the amount of light falling on their surface are called photoresistors (LDR - light dependent resistor). These are the simplest and cheapest components that can work as light detectors. For many years, they have been used in various types of fire detectors, smoke detectors, readers, and recently they have become popular elements in lighting control systems (e.g. street lamps).

PGM 12 series photoresistors manufactured by TOKEN, supplied as ⌀12mm sensors enclosed in hermetic packages (MP series) or packages encapsulated with epoxy resin. They are fitted with soldering lead wires.

These photoresistors are characterized by a short response time and high “dark” resistance.


Operating temperature: from -30°C to +70°C
Wavelength of peak sensitivity: 560nm
Max. operating voltage: 250VDC
Max. dissipated power: 250mW

Discover the PGM 12 series photoresistors

Symbol Description
PGM1200 Photoresistor;250mW;2÷5kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC;ØLED:12mm
PGM1200-MP Photoresistor;250mW;2÷5kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC;ØLED:12mm
PGM1201 Photoresistor;250mW;4÷10kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC;ØLED:12mm
PGM1201-MP Photoresistor;250mW;4÷10kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC;ØLED:12mm
PGM1202 Photoresistor;250mW;8÷20kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC;ØLED:12mm
PGM1202-MP Photoresistor;250mW;8÷20kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC;ØLED:12mm
PGM1203 Photoresistor;250mW;18÷50kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC;ØLED:12mm
PGM1203-MP Photoresistor;250mW;18÷50kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC;ØLED:12mm
PGM1204 Photoresistor;250mW;45÷150kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC
PGM1204-MP Photoresistor;250mW;45÷150kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC
PGM1205 Photoresistor;250mW;140÷300kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC
PGM1205-MP Photoresistor;250mW;140÷300kΩ;560nm;Mounting:THT;250VDC


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