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Programmable RGB LED modules by Lumex


TME offer now includes new, programmable modules by Lumex. Available as LED RGB rings and strips, they are based on the SMD-LX0707RGB-TR LED, which accommodates RGB LEDs and a 3-channel LED driver in a single housing. Each of the three RGB channels is controlled with 8-bit PWM signal.

SMD-LX0707RGB-TR LED is equipped with a built-in controller with a data latch, so it keeps the same colour until the next data pack arrives. This solution allows to create a program in which each diode on a strip or ring provides light of an individual, programmed colour.

The control method is described in the specification of the SMD-LX0707RGB-TR LED.

Power supply voltage: 5V DC
Viewing angle: 120°
LED colour: RGB
LED lens: transparent
Single diode current: 5mA

LED modules by Lumex


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