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Thermaltronics TMT-2000S series soldering stations


Thermaltronics is a manufacturer of a wide range of soldering products and accessories used both in the electronic industry and in amateur workshops. The design and development of the company’s portfolio is handled by offices located in the USA and Australia. Products by Thermaltronics undergo strict quality control.

TMT-2000S is a series of compact (dimensions 110x155x92mm, weight 1.3kg) 50W soldering stations, featuring Curie Heat technology with the operating frequency of 470kHz. The greatest challenge in the soldering process of modern electronic circuits is the accuracy of temperature control. The density of the components arranged on the PCB and their sensitivity to temperature significantly increases the requirements related to the soldering process. A response to these problems is the Thermaltronics CHT (Curie Heat Technology), which responds to the thermal demand of each soldering point by immediately adjusting power and adapting the soldering temperature to the component and the soldering material. The TMT-2000S series stations are available in the ESD version and are equipped with two channels, which allows to connect two soldering irons (it is not possible to operate both channels simultaneously).

The TME offer also includes compatible accessories: soldering irons, hot pliers, stands and soldering tips of different sizes and shapes.

Operating frequency: 470kHz
Number of channels: 2
Power: 50W
Temperature adjustment: by changing the soldering tip
Type of heater: inside the soldering tip
Version: ESD
Plug type: EU

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