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New RMQ-Titan series emergency stop switches by Eaton


Eaton Electric is a renowned manufacturer of industrial electromechanical components. This company's products are not missing from TME's offer, however, we are constantly expanding our stock to give you access to the latest solutions for machine parks, manufacturing plants and other automated systems. Please, note that the items in the catalogue are available directly from our warehouses, for the shortest possible lead times.

New integrated safety switches are now available in the TME catalogue. These are control boxes from the RMQ series enclosed in slim enclosures, available with emergency push buttons with a diameter of 30mm, released by pulling or turning. Available contact configurations include NC+NO and NCx2 (normally closed). Among the new items, there are also options with LED illumination (powered by 24V DC). The enclosure of the kit is suitable for mounting on standard industrial 40x40mm aluminium profiles.

The products are IP66 sealed, i.e. they are impermeable to dust and resistant to strong jets of water, which makes it possible to use RMQ-Titan switches outdoors, but also in shipyards, hydropower plants etc. This is also possible thanks to the wide range of operating temperature, which spans from -25°C to 70°C.

RMQ switches available in our catalogue

Enclosure material: ABS
Operating temperature: od -25°C do 70°C
IP rating: IP66
Illumination: LED/none
Contact configuration: NC+NO/NCx2


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