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Inspection cameras from AXIOMET


Inspection cameras from AXIOMET

Inspection cameras from AXIOMET

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TME’s offer has been enriched by LED professional inspection cameras from AXIOMET:
AX-B2120ST, AX-B2120RD, AX-B2120CW, with 20m probe, and AX-B1136TC telescopic version.

AX-B2120xx models are characterized by:

  • probe on a reel for easy winding and unwinding;
  • 1m markings on the probe, allowing you to control the depth on which you insert the camera;
  • camera head with the diameter of 23mm, equipped with 12 illumination diodes with brightness adjustment;
  • camera with 720x480 resolution and 120ᵒ FOV;
  • colour image transferred to a 7” LCD screen.

AX-B2120xx series products allow you to inspect hard to reach spots with poor light, such as ventilation openings, cable ducts, chimneys, pipes, etc.

Instead of a transport case, AX-B2120CW is delivered with a metal stand for easy operation.

Features of the AX-B1136TC model:

  • telescopic arm, extendable from 1.08 to 2.85m;
  • flexible, formable 48cm probe;
  • camera with the diameter of 23mm, placed at the end of a flexible probe;
  • 4.3” colour screen;
  • maximum device length 3.33m.

The AX-B1136TC telescopic inspection camera is perfect for examining places at heights, with no need for using a ladder or a scaffolding. It works well in cable ducts, chimneys, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Symbol Description
AX-B2120ST Inspection camera; Display: 7” LCD, 20m cable; IP68
AX-B2120RD Inspection camera; Display: 7” LCD, 20m cable; IP68
AX-B2120CW Inspection camera; Display: 7” LCD, 20m cable; IP68
AX-B1136TC Inspection camera; Display: 4.3” LCD (480x272): IP68