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Development kits for microcontrollers from GigaDevice


Development kits for microcontrollers from GigaDevice

Development kits for microcontrollers from GigaDevice

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TME’s offer has been enriched by development kits dedicated for GIGADEVICE microcontrollers with ARM Cortex-M3 core. We offer both development kits (GD321XXX-START) and more advanced evaluation kits (GD321XXX-EVAL).

Through the development kits, the user can easily gain access to all I/O lines of the microcontroller. They can be accessed via pin headers, which facilitates prototyping and enables adding new electronic components.

All development kits are equipped with a built-in programmer/debugger, which enables you to start your work right after unboxing the kit and connecting it to a PC with a USB cable.

The evaluation kits, apart from the features shared with the development kits, also feature numerous peripherals (including interfaces), additional memory, and graphic displays, which enables creating and testing more advanced applications.

Symbol Description
GD32103B-EVAL Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F103VBT6; LCD 3.2" (320x240)
GD32103C-EVAL Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F103VCT6; LCD 3.2" (320x240)
GD32103E-EVAL Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F103ZET6; LCD 3.2" (320x240)
GD32105C-EVAL Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F105VCT6; LCD 3.2" (320x240)
GD32107C-EVAL Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F107VCT6; LCD 3.2" (320x240)
GD32150R-EVAL Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F150R8T6; LCD TFT 2.2" (320x240)
GD32190R-EVAL Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F190R8T6; LCD 2x16 digits; USB
GD32207C-EVAL Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F207VCT6; LCD 3.5" (320x480)
GD32207I-EVAL Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F207IKT6; LCD 4.3" (480x272)
GD32103B-START Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F103VBT6; USB B mini; USB
GD32103C-START Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F103VCT6; USB B mini; USB
GD32130C-START Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F130C8T6; USB B mini; USB
GD32130G-START Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F130G8U6; USB B mini; USB
GD32150C-START Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F150C8T6; USB B mini; USB
GD32150G-START Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F150G8U6; USB B mini; USB
GD32170C-START Dev.kit: GD32 CORTEX-M3; GD32F170C8T6; USB B mini; USB