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Robomaticon 2019 supported by TME


At the beginning of March, in the main building of the Warsaw University of Technology the ninth edition of the Robomaticon tournament took place. As every year, the event attracted enthusiasts of robotics and modern technologies. Robots and their constructors competed in as many as 9 competitions: Xsumo, Freestyle, Deathrace, Humanoid Sprint, LineFollower, LineFollower Enhanced, Humanoid Sumo, MicroMouse, PuckCollect. This year's tournament resulted in several changes, including a bigger track for the LineFollower competition or a Freestyle competition for fans.

The spectators who appeared in the main building of the Warsaw University of Technology had a chance not only follow the course of the competition, but also take part in 5 different workshops which offered something of interest to both students and children from the age of 6.

Many interesting projects were presented at the Robomaticon tournament, including those supported by TME. They include, among others, a submarine called Robocik. This robot can dive even 100 meters deep and search for objects or people. It can be equipped with various manipulators, which will increase its versatility in the future. Robocik was created by the students from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

Watch the coverage of the tournament.



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