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STANNOL solders in TME’s offer


STANNOL solders in TME’s offer

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TME has entered into cooperation with STANNOL, a German company specializing in manufacturing solders, fluxes, and soldering pastes.

The offer now includes the most popular solders, with different diameters, weights, and fluxes used. The following lead and lead-free solders are available:- Sn60Pb39Cu1,

  • Sn60Pb40,
  • Sn63Pb37,
  • Sn95Ag4Cu1,
  • Sn96Ag3Cu1,
  • Sn99Cu1.

STANNOL has over 130 years of experience in manufacturing solders, and its products are among the most popular on the market. The solders are used in electronics for manual and automatic soldering, in industrial applications in surface mount technology, and for servicing electronic devices.

Check the STANNOL products in TME’s offer.