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IEC Lock® Protect IEC connectors against accidental disconnection!



Why should you invest in IEC LOCK®?

IEC_LOCK_landing IEC connector fitted with IEC LOCK®

With the IEC LOCK® you can protect all critical machinery and equipment fitted with IEC power connectors against accidental disconnection. The patented IEC LOCK® is compatible with all standard IEC C14 and IEC C20 plugs, ensuring an integral connection that is protected against disconnection due to vibration and accidental unplugging or other undesirable events.

Where will IEC LOCK® prove useful?

Thanks to its versatility and adaptability, IEC LOCK® is ideally suited for applications where the integrity of the connection of critical equipment such as servers, computers, electrical appliances and machines or data communication systems cannot be interrupted and where power supply safety plays a key role.

Data centres

  • IEC LOCK® effectively protect servers against accidental disconnection of multiple cable connections.

Internal data transmission

  • IEC LOCK® guarantees the integrity of connection of key devices and external data transmission systems.

PDU power strips

  • IEC LOCK® ensures uninterrupted supply of power to critical equipment and eliminates the risk of unexpected downtime.


  • IEC LOCK® effectively protects equipment against disconnection due to vibration or accidental action.

Medical industry

  • IEC LOCK® ensures secure, seamless and integral connection of critical devices and systems.

Sea transport

  • IEC LOCK® protects equipment against disconnection due to vibration or shocks.

How does IEC LOCK® work?

Using IEC LOCK® is very simple and intuitive. In order to secure an IEC connection, insert the plug into a standard IEC C14 or IEC C20 socket. Once the plug is inserted into the socket, it will lock automatically.

To remove the IEC connector from the socket, pull the red locking mechanism backwards and pull the plug out of the socket.

IEC_LOCK_landing_2 IEC LOCK® operation method.


Discover the advantages offered by IEC LOCK®

Complete safety

  • IEC Lock® protects your equipment against accidental disconnection of power supply.

Maximum protection

  • Our solution protects connections against vibration and shocks.


  • IEC Lock® is compatible with all standard IEC C14 and IEC C20 plugs.

Easy installation

  • Installation, configuration and operation of IEC Lock® are extremely intuitive and simple.


  • IEC Lock® can be fitted with cables of various colours and lengths, as well as with a variety of connectors (e.g.: C14, C20, uni-Schuko or stripped end).


  • IEC Lock® in the LSZH version may be rewired and is fitted with LSZH (low smoke, zero halogen) coating.

IEC Lock+®

  • IEC Lock® in the „+” (plus) version offers maximum safety and increased comfort of use.

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