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LS and DRB power supplies by TDK-Lambda


LS and DRB power supplies by TDK-Lambda

In industrial and other professional applications, the power source plays a key role. Its unreliability is one of the most frequent causes of equipment failure. A power supply will always be exposed to mains interference, overload and overheating. In addition, its efficiency directly translates into the cost-effectiveness of the entire device, while proper voltage stabilisation determines the lifetime of all powered components. Perhaps most importantly, the quality of the power supply is directly related to the safety of its users.

When choosing a power supply for your project, device you are designing or machine for which you provide maintenance/service, take into account all the abovementioned features. Of course, it is fundamental to choose the right power supply parameters. That is why the TME catalogue includes the best solutions from recognised manufacturers. One of such suppliers is TDK-Lambda, who offers via TME a wide range of products for professional applications. Below, you will find a detailed review of two new products introduced to our offer, namely the LS and DRB series power supplies. Both are versatile, perfectly adapted to various conditions and highly reliable.

LS series – modular, switched-mode power supplies

The LS series of 25W to 200W switched-mode power supplies has recently been added to the TME catalogue. Their efficiency reaches 87%. The power supplies have a single output that provides a specific, stabilised voltage. Depending on the model, it ranges from 3.3V to 48V DC. Thanks to such a wide range of parameters, products from the same series can be used in various applications – from powering low-voltage electronic systems to relatively large inductive loads (BLDC motors, stepper motors or electromagnets), often used in precision machinery, such as CNC machining tools.

LS150-12 An example of a 150W 12V DC LS series power supply.

The LS series power supplies operate over a wide input voltage range, which can varyfrom 88V AC to 264V AC. Thanks to this, projects powered by TDK-Lambda solutions can be launched in virtually any country in the world without making any modifications. It should be mentioned that the manufacturer declares resistance to input voltage spikes of up to 300V AC (lasting no longer than 5 seconds). The manufacturer states that the mean time between failures (i.e. MTFB) for the LS series products is up to 900000h. This level of durability translates into savings, allows to reduce servicing and maintenance costs, and in the case of machine parks, reduces global downtime on transmission or production lines.

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Versatile DIN rail-mounted DBR series power supplies

A different but equally attractive solution is the DRB series of products by TDK-Lambda. It includes compact, cost-effective DIN rail-mounted power supplies. This design is suitable for a wide range of applications, both in industry and other fields, such as automation, smart buildings, alarm and lighting systems and even households (just as LS products, DRB products require single-phase power for operation). Installed in a control cabinet or a standard distribution box, the power supply saves space and allows you to arrange a professional installation system even in limited space. It also makes it easy to replace a device in the event of a fault.

DRB50-12-1 The DRB series features compact dimensions, high efficiency and built-in protections.

The DRB range is certified according to IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 and UL 508, and therefore it is compliant with both European and North American standards (as well as with standards applicable in many other regions of the globe). In addition, all models in the series can be powered with a voltage ranging from 90V to 264V AC. The products of this series are mainly distinguished by: efficiency, which can reach up to 93%, and compact dimensions. Their output voltage is 5V, 12V, 24V or 48V DC. In addition to the front-mounted screw terminals, these products are equipped with an LED that indicates the correct operation of the device.

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