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Connectors and ribbon cables by CONNFLY



CONNFLY is a manufacturer of, above all, high quality connectors designed to be used inside electronic devices – from consumer products to industrial instrumentation. The brand’s offer includes both typical signal connectors used for connecting modules (e.g. panel to the controller motherboard) and specialised industrial connectors, dedicated to power supply and communication in automation. A wide range of solutions by CONNFLY can be found in the TME catalogue – below, we focus only on selected product groups: DS1110 sealed industrial connectors, PCB signal connectors and ribbon cables with IDC connectors (or dedicated to IDC connectors). All manufacturers of electronic and electrotechnical equipment, as well as service and maintenance engineers interested in durable connectors with an attractive price-performance ratio are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the manufacturer’s full range of products.

Presented products by CONNFLY

Industrial connectors

The DS 1110 series round connectors are designed for power and signal connection in harsh environments. They are fully protected against dust and moisture, which is confirmed by the IP67 rating. Sockets and plugs are available in two variants: cable-mounted or panel-mounted. In both cases the connector body features an integrated gland protecting the interior of the component from dust ingress. The connectors are press-fit and secured with a retaining nut, with which the male connectors are fitted. The female sockets are fitted with caps, so that when disconnected, the contacts remain protected. Both bodies and plugs are equipped with protective seals. The electrical connection to the wires is made by soldering them to the contacts. The DS1110 connectors have from 2 to 12 contacts, allowing them to be used in many applications, not only power installations, but also control or signal systems. They have good electrical parameters: rated voltage of 500V and rated current of 3A or 5A (depending on the model). The products are available in socket+plug sets. The table below presents a comparison of all the products from this series.


DS1110 connectors achieve IP67 rating and feature integrated glands.

DS1110 industrial connectors

Symbol Number of pins Rated current Mounting
DS1110-27-2BU8 2 3A cable-mounted
DS1110-27-3BU8 3 3A cable-mounted
DS1110-27-4BU8 4 3A cable-mounted
DS1110-27-5BU8 5 3A cable-mounted
DS1110-27-7BU8 7 3A cable-mounted
DS1110-27-9BU8 9 3A cable-mounted
DS1110-27-12BU8 12 3A cable-mounted
DS1110-26-02BU8A 2 3A panel-mounted
DS1110-25-02BU8 2 3A panel-mounted
DS1110-24-02BU8 2 5A panel-mounted
DS1110-24-03BU8 3 5A panel-mounted
DS1110-25-03BU8 3 3A panel-mounted
DS1110-26-03BU8A 3 3A panel-mounted
DS1110-26-04BU8A 4 3A panel-mounted
DS1110-25-04BU8 4 3A panel-mounted
DS1110-24-04BU8 4 5A panel-mounted


Signal connectors


Angular socket for THT mounting, each contact has a 2A resistance.

Signal connectors with a 2mm pitch are one of the most popular methods of making connections between modules inside electronic devices. They are often used for connecting PCB circuits, peripheral components (e.g. speakers in consumer electronics), as well as control panels . In the case of I-DS1066 connectors by CONNFLY, this type of connectors is characterised by a relatively high rated voltage (100V) and a current tolerance of up to 2A. Both sockets and plugs are available in the TME catalogue, and so is their indispensable element: tin-plated contacts crimped onto the wire. Connectors are compatible with cores with a cross-section ranging from 0.05mm2 to 0.22mm2 (i.e. 30...24 AWG). In both cases, modules suitable for connecting from 2 to 10 lines (in a single row) are available. The sockets are designed for THT mounting and are available in straight and angular versions (the terminals are parallel to the PCB). The advantages of 2mm connectors by CONNFLY include their wide thermal tolerance – they can operate in temperatures from -25°C to 85°C.

2mm signal connectors

Ribbon cables

Ribbon cables are used for connections requiring multiple signal lines, e.g. in circuits for parallel communication or when controlling complex peripherals, such as displays. They are made to fit dedicated IDC connectors. In this way, internal connections are made, both permanent and temporary (such connectors are used by ISP programmers or diagnostic buses, among others). A huge advantage of this solution is its versatility and a relatively low price. The ribbon cable with an IDC connector is compatible not only with dedicated sockets, but also with pin headers, so it is very simple to implement.

CONNFLY ribbon cables are supplied in 250 feet long reels (~76m).

In multi-module devices, connections made using ribbon cables require cables of a specific length. Therefore, they are usually prepared as a part of the manufacturing process, in accordance with the specification of a given project. With this requirement in mind, CONNFLY has developed the DS1057 series. This series includes unshielded ribbons with 8 to 64 stranded cores (28 AWG tin-plated copper). The products are made according to the most common contact pitch (1.27mm) and are adapted to the rated voltage of 300V. Their inner sheath consists of a grey PVC coating resistant to temperatures ranging from -20°C to 80°C. All the presented ribbon cables are available in 250 feet long reels, i.e. 76m.

Ribbon cables (in reels)

Ribbon cables with IDC connectors


Factory-fitted connectors have a longer service life.

The TME catalogue also includes ribbon cables with pre-installed IDC connectors (DS1052 series). Such products can satisfy the needs of some manufacturing processes, and they can also be used in service, during maintenance or as spare parts. Factory-installed IDC connectors are characterised by precise installation and proper clamping, making the products from the DS1052 series a more reliable (more failure-free) choice than hand-made cables. IDC ribbon cables by CONNFLY come in variants with from 6 to 50 cores, in lengths of: 150mm, 300mm and 600mm. The contact pitch of the double-row female connectors is 2.54 mm. Depending on their needs, customers can choose between connectors equipped with a cable clamp (increased mechanical resistance) and without it (lower profile).

Ribbon cables (IDC)

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