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Industrial pressure transducers from Cynergy3


Pressure transducers constitute an inseparable part of many devices from the field of automation. They are used both in pneumatic systems, e.g. those employing actuators, and in vacuum systems (e.g. by providing appropriate working parameters for vacuum grippers). Moreover, a lot of processing, from heavy industry to food industry requires continuous and precise monitoring of pressure of various substances (e.g. in dispensers, injection moulding machines, etc.)

The Cynergy3 brand, which is a part of the Sensata company, offers a number of transducers designed to provide efficient and accurate pressure control in industrial systems. Devices from this supplier are based on proven technologies that are characterised by long service life which helps to reduce both maintenance and servicing costs while remaining compatible with popular standards (facilitating the integration into already existing systems). Presented below, there are two series of Cynergy3 products: the IPS and IPSL (dedicated to measurements of lower voltages) transducers. Those of you who look for precisely described solutions, please check out our catalogue where all parameters are provided in detail.

Transducers from Sensata/Cynergy3

Cynergy3 Components - Sensors, Signal Conditioners and Reed Relays

IPS and IPSL series of transducers

Products from the IPS and IPSL series comprise pressure transducers for referential measurements, mainly designed with industrial applications in mind. Thanks to ceramic piezoresistive sensors they are characterised by high sensitivity, stability, resistance to overloads and mechanical durability. This technology has also made it possible to reduce non-linearity. The transducers’ high precision is ensured by the integrated microprocessor signal amplifier. Additional advantages of that solution include automatic temperature compensation and factory-made precalibration (detailed calibration parameters are included on the product label). The bodies of the transducers are made of stainless steel, and the gaskets are made of fluoroelastomer (Viton), thanks to which these products can be used in harsh environmental conditions, in temperatures from -20°C to 80°C (with the temperature of the monitored medium ranging from -40°C to 135°C). It also prolongs their service life.


Stainless steel bodies are equipped with 1/4'' connectors

The Sensata/Cynergy3 transducers are equipped with a standard 1/4'' thread connectors (BSP, British Standard Pipe). They feature 4-pin DIN 43650 electrical connectors or M12 round industrial connectors. They can be supplied with voltages from 9 V to 32 V DC. The devices come in two output versions: voltage (0…5 V or 0.5…4.5 V) and current (4…20 mA). The range of referential measurements for the IPS and IPSL series spans from 0…50 mbar to 0…400 bar (depending on the model). The transducers are also available in variants that allow to record vacuum pressure, for which the measurement range is -1...9 bar and -1...24 bar.

IPS and IPSL series

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