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Universal IPS600/DUO voltage converter


Universal IPS600/DUO voltage converter

The IPS600/DUO voltage converter converts DC voltage supplied by a battery or car electrical installation into 230V voltage which allows for connection of most electrical devices, such as household appliances and consumer electronics, power tools, computers, lighting, etc. Its unique input system allows you to use 12V voltage in cars or 24V in trucks. Additionally, the product is equipped with a powerful USB 5V charger, screw terminals for quick connection, connecting cables with battery clamps and a cable with a cigarette lighter plug.

VOLT POLSKA converters are perfect solutions for places where there is no possibility of direct connection to the power grid.

Manufacturer Volt Polska
Converter type Automotive cd/ac
Battery voltage 12/24V
Supply voltage 10.5…31V DC
Output voltage 230V AC
Properties modified sine wave
Number of outputs 1
Additional functions USB
Peak power 600W
Output power 300W
Efficiency 92%
Permissible operating temperature From -10⁰C to +40⁰C
Body material Aluminium
Dimensions 160x105x60mm
Weight 0.7kg
Colour Black

Symbol Description
IPS600/DUO Converter: automotive dc/ac; 300W; Uout: 230VAC; 10.5÷31VDC

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