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Silent laboratory power supplies by Manson


Silent laboratory power supplies by Manson

Multi-channel switched-mode power supplies by MANSON ensure a high comfort of use. They are fitted with a bright, easy-to-read display. Thanks to the convection cooling, they do not require a fan, which makes them remarkably silent. At the same time, the built-in series of protections (including thermal ones) significantly increases the safety of the power supplies themselves and the connected circuits. In addition, the power supplies have a STANDBY function - thanks to it you can disconnect the voltage at the output of the device, without the need to turn it off. The button responsible for this function is located at the front of the PSU, so you can use it easily and conveniently.

They are designed to take up as little space as possible on the worktop and are easy to move around: they are only 70mm wide, weigh only 2kg and have a semi-elastic handle on the enclosure. The front panel features dual-function knobs that allow rough and precise voltage and current selection.

Depending on the version of the power supply, the second and third channels are isolated and have banana sockets (NTP-5531) or USB sockets (NTP-5621).

Manufacturer MANSON
Type of power supply laboratory
Type of power supply switched-mode, multi-channel
Display LCD 4 digits, illuminated
Max. power 100W
Voltage stablilization ≤25mV
Current stabilization ≤20mA
Voltage load regulation ≤70mV
Voltage load regulation ≤50mA
Output voltage resolution 10mV
Output current resolution 10mA
Protection overcurrent, anti-overload, anti-surge, short circuit, thermal
Weight 2kg
Dimensons 70x155x250mm
Symbol NTP-5531 NTP-5621
Number of channels 3 3
Output voltage[V DC] 1...36 1...20
Output current [A] 0.25...3 0.25...5
Output voltage 2 [V DC] 3.3...5 5
Output current 2 [A] 1.8 1.8
Output voltage 3 [V DC] 12 5
Output current 3 [A] 0.8 1.8


  • STANDBY feature - disconnecting the voltage from the terminals without the need to turn off the power supply;
  • voltage or current stabilization mode;
  • rough and precise voltage and current selection;
  • silent operation – fanless construction;
  • compact size

Symbol Description
NTP-5531 Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 1÷36VDC; 0.25÷3A; 3.3÷5VD
NTP-5621 Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 1÷20VDC; 0.25÷5A; 5VDC; 1.2A