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SO9 series of semiconductor relays


SO9 series of semiconductor relays

TME’s offer has been enriched by SO9 series of semiconductor relays from CELDUC. The SO9 relays are designed for resistive loads. Key features of the SO9 series include input surge protection and limiting input current to 13mA, as well as the operational indicator (LED diode).

Manufacturer CELDUC
Type of relay semiconductor
Version 1-phase
Switching method zero switching
Switched current 12A, 25A, 35A, 40A, 60A, 90A
Control voltage 3-32V DC; 15-32V DC
Switched voltage 12-280V AC; 24-600V AC
Operating temperature -55°C … +100°C
Degree of protection IP20

Symbol Description
SO941460 Relay: semiconductor;Vcontr:3÷32VDC;12A;12÷280VAC;IP20
SO942460 Relay: semiconductor;Vcontr:3÷32VDC;25A;12÷280VAC;IP20
SO943460 Relay: semiconductor;Vcontr:3÷32VDC;40A;12÷280VAC;IP20
SO945460 Relay: semiconductor;Vcontr:3÷32VDC;60A;12÷280VAC;IP20
SO963460 Relay: semiconductor;Vcontr:3.5÷32VDC;40A;24÷600VAC
SO965460 Relay: semiconductor;Vcontr:3.5÷32VDC;60A;24÷600VAC
SO967460 Relay: semiconductor;Vcontr:3.5÷32VDC;90A;24÷600VAC
SO96386H Relay: semiconductor;Vcontr:15÷32VAC;35A;24÷600VAC

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