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MFL series of signal lights from QLIGHT


MFL series of signal lights from QLIGHT

QLIGHT is recognized as a leading specialist in the manufacture of industrial signalling devices. The products offered by QLIGHT support quality and safety in the field of industrial automation. They can be found on assembly lines in various industries.

The MFL series is available in four sizes: ⌀69mm, ⌀83mm, ⌀97mm, ⌀116mm and in four colours: red, amber, green and blue. In the MFL series, light signals can be modulated by means of multifunctional LED signalling diodes, thus achieving the following effect:

  • steady/flashing light,
  • strobe light,
  • revolving light.

The TME range of products includes a wide selection of light, sound, as well as light and sound signals by QLIGHT.

Moreover, the MFL series can be complemented with dedicated accessories, such as mounting brackets.

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