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Schmersal AZM 161series safety switches


In the case of machine parks, locking devices and specialised switches are basic safeguards. They protect workers from injuries resulting from e.g. unintentional contact with a running machine. Electromagnetic interlock, in combination with the control part of the device, prevents safety guards from being opened before any unsafe machine condition is over.

Schmersal AZM 161 series safety switches – examples of application

This week, we would like to recommend to our customers AZM 161 electromagnetic interlocks from a renowned German manufacturer – Schmersal. This interlock is available in two versions: power to lock (also known as fail safe) or power to unlock (i.e. fail secure). Two models of actuators are designed to operate with these components: AZM 161-B1 used mainly for sliding and removable safety guards, and AZM 161-B6 for hinged guards.

Schmersal control and regulation accessories available at TME

Since our catalogue contains several dozen products by Schmersal, all of which may contribute to safety, we recommend that you take a look at the full offer of this German manufacturer.

Discover the AZM 161 series in our catalogue »

Type of switch: bolting
Electrical parameters of contacts: 24V DC/2.5A, 250V AC/4A
Contact configuration: NC x4 + NO x2
Electrical connection: 4x M16
IP rating: IP67
Body material: plastic

Symbol Description
101144420 Safety switch accessories: flexible key; Series: AZM 161
101145117 Safety switch accessories: standard key; Series: AZM 161
101164207 Safety switch: bolting; Series: AZM 161; IP67; 24VDC
101166285 Safety switch: bolting; Series: AZM 161; IP67; 24VDC


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