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Smart Glow ATO car fuses


Smart Glow ATO car fuses

Transfer Multisort Elektronik offers a wide range of LITTELFUSE products, which can be applied in various branches of industry. Smart Glow ATO car fuses, which we recommend today, are used in the automotive industry on a daily basis.

Features of Smart Glow ATO fuses

Smart Glow are versatile and reliable fuses, widely applied in the automotive industry as protection of DC circuits. Their increasing popularity results from the use of a LED to signal the activation of the fuse. The application of LEDs allows for quicker and easier diagnostics in the case of a broken circuit, and consequently accelerates the process of identification and replacement of a blown fuse.

Discover the
Smart Glow series products »

All Smart Glow ATO series car fuses are 19mm in size and are designed to operate at 12V DC. TME offer includes LITTELFUSE products from this series, which operate at 3 to 30A rated currents and have a breaking capacity of 1kA.

Symbol: Description:
0ATO003.HXGLO Fuse:fuse;3A;12VDC;car;19mm;SMART GLOW
0ATO005.HXGLO Fuse:fuse;5A;12VDC;car;19mm;SMART GLOW
0ATO010.HXGLO Fuse:fuse;10A;12VDC;car;19mm;SMART GLOW
0ATO015.HXGLO Fuse:fuse;15A;12VDC;car;19mm;SMART GLOW
0ATO020.HXGLO Fuse:fuse;20A;12VDC;car;19mm;SMART GLOW
0ATO025.HXGLO Fuse:fuse;25A;12VDC;car;19mm;SMART GLOW
0ATO030.HXGLO Fuse:fuse;30A;12VDC;car;19mm;SMART GLOW
0ATO07.5HXGLO Fuse:fuse;7.5A;12VDC;car;19mm;SMART GLOW


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