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TH110 series IP44 class 3 way junction boxes


THB.110.A3A are junction boxes sealed to Ip44 level. Built-in screw terminals allow to connect three cables of its cross-section ranging from 0,5 to 4 mm2and current load up to 24 A at voltage up to 450 VAC.

(IP44) IP rating is guaranteed for cables of 5-9 mm diameter. This small enclosure has holes that allow for mounting the box to the ground. TECHNO enclosing is snap closed, which speeds up the installation.

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Maximum current: 24A
Maximum voltage: 450VAC
Cable cross-section: from 0,5 mm2 to 4 mm2
Cable external diameter: 5-9 mm
IP rating: IP44
Operating temperature: -40..+125°C

Symbol: Description:
THB.110.A3A Connector: AC supply; screw terminal; TH110; 5÷9mm; 0,5÷4mm2


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