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Transistor drivers with high-side and low-side referenced outputs


TME offer now includes a new IX2113 integrated circuit by IXYS. It is designed to control a MOSFET or IGBT type transistor gateway, where high switching speed is important. The output circuit is composed of two independent high-side and low-side referenced channels capable of sourcing and sinking 2A.

The driver is extremely robust and practically immune to dV/dt voltage transients. This is all thanks to IXYS' use of a specific technological process: high-voltage BCDMOS on SOI (silicon on insulator) substrate. BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) is a key technology in power ICs. A single chip combines the advantages of bipolar systems for analogue solutions, CMOS systems for digital applications as well as DMOS systems for high voltage and power applications.

Other features:

  • immunity to dV/dt voltage transients
  • 3.3V logic compatible
  • UVLO – undervoltage lockout for both high-side and low-side outputs  

Voltage class: +600V
Current efficiency: -2A/+2A
Delay matching: 20ns

Discover the IX2113 driver available in SMD and THT version »


Symbol Description
IX2113B IC:driver;high-/low-side,gate driver;-2÷2A; Channels:2
IX2113G IC:driver;high-/low-side,gate driver;-2÷2A;Channels:2


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