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X37-02 Miflex anti-interference filters


X37-02 Miflex anti-interference filters

The X37-02 filters are single-phase, single-step filters with the rated current of 15A, designed for operation in the 230V AC mains. They are equipped with X2 and Y2 class capacitors and ensure interferences filtering between the lines L/N and PE as well as L and N.

Winding inductance 2mH
Cx capacity 100nF
Cy capacity 3,3nF
Resistance 10MΩ
Terminals connectors 6,3x0,8mm
Body dimensions 65 x 39 x 50mm
TME symbol Description
X37-02 Filter: anti-interference; 250VAC; 2mH; Cx:100nF; Cy:3,3nF; 10MΩ

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