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Optosupply DC LED’s power supply


Optosupply DC LED’s power supply

DC (300mA) LED power supply is characterized with the input voltage from 7-24 VDC or 7-21 VAC and self-adjusting output voltage in the range from 3 to 21 VDC. Thanks to the protection against overload, overheating and IP65 sealing class, they can be widely used in automotive industry where the power source is a battery or other similar device.

Input voltage: 7-24 VDC and 7-21 VAC
Output voltage: 3-21 VDC
Maximum operating current: 1 A
Operating temperature range: -10°C-50°C
Storage temperature: -20°C-85°C
Symbol Description
OECCDD02-300 Pwr. supp unit: for LEDs; 3÷21VDC; 300mA; 7÷24VDC; 7÷21VAC