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Walsin Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS antennas in SMD enclosures


Walsin Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS antennas in SMD enclosures

WALSIN Technology Corporation is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of high-quality RF components.
TME’s offer in the range of WALSIN SMD antennas include:

  • 1.575 GHz GPS L1 antennas
  • 2.4 GHz ISM antennas
  • 2.4GHz / 5GHz Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g antennas


  • SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) antennas take less space and are cheaper to mount.
  • the absence of an external enclosure means they can be mounted on small devices.
  • insensitive to environment factors, they are ideal for application in mobile devices (Handheld devices).

WALSIN antennas are designed, in particular for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Smartphone Apps.

Symbol Description
RFANT3216120A1T Antenna; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; 3.2x1,6x1.2mm; 2.4GHz; 50Ω; 2dBi
RFANT5220110A0T Antenna; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; 5.2x2x1.15mm; 2.4GHz; 50Ω; 2dBi
RFANT6050110L0T Antenna; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; 5.9x5.1x1,1mm; 50Ω; Polarization: linear
RFANT8010080A3T Antenna; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; 8x1.05x0.8mm; 2.4GHz; 50Ω; 2dBi
RFECA3216060A1T Antenna; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; 3.1x1.6x0.6mm; 2.4GHz; 50Ω; 2dBi
RFECA3216060E0T Antenna; GPS; 1575MHz; 3.2x1.6x0.6mm; 50Ω; Polarization: linear
RFECA3216060K1T Antenna; Wi-Fi; 3.2x1.6x0.6mm; 50Ω; Polarization: linear; 2.8dBi
RGFRA1204021A1T Antenna; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; 12x4x2mm; 2.4GHz; 50Ω; 2dBi
RGFRA1903041A1T Antenna; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; 19x3x3.8mm; 2.4GHz; 50Ω; 2dBi
RGFRA9937380A3T Antenna; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; 9.9x3.7x3.8mm; 2.4Hz; 50Ω; 2dBi